Quick to Answer and Respond to our Emergency! The folks from Data Analyzers were quick to answer and respond to our emergency forensic needs. They were able to quickly perform forensic operations on our site and provided us with a custom solution within hours of initially contacting them. I highly recommend their services; they were professional, quick, and qualified to provide within the required DoD and legal standards.Thank You

Virgil Vaduva, CISSP, CISM WinWholesale Security Analyst

Data Analyzers has helped many of our clients in recovering their lost computer files. Whether a computer was just old, got damaged or had a virus, their computer professionals were able to get the job done. On numerous occasions, The forensics team was able to even prove infidelity of clients’ spouses by retrieving hidden or deleted files, emails, pictures, domains, etc. We at MMJ Investigations, Inc. are happy to be working with Data Analyzers. And our clients are too!Best regards,

Mirco from MMJ Investigations, Inc

Data Analyzers Digital Forensic Experts