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Private Investigations

As a leading provider of Digital Forensic services in the Central Florida area, we are regularly utilized by Private Investigators throughout the state and the nation. Our extensive partnership network with Private Investigators allows them to offer competitively priced digital forensic services to their clients in a legally permissible way. The examiners at Data Analyzers are routinely involved in infidelity, civil, insurance, fraud, domestic, workers compensation, financial, and asset investigations.

Some of the services Data Analyzers is able to offer our Private Investigators and their clients include the following:

  • Social Media Analysis – We can obtain information from a device and search it for social media usage. This can reveal unknown email accounts, social networking profiles, twitter accounts, or correspondence involving these services. This helps give about social connections that may need to be investigated or evidence your client is looking for.
  • Mobile Forensics – We can analyze cellphones for deleted data, text messages, calls, website visited, and other activities performed on cellphones.
  • Secure Sweep – Using our experience in industry and our information security backgrounds, we can detect any spy applications or bugs left on a device. We offer basic services such as scanning a device for common commercial applications. We also offer more advanced services where we can wiretap the device to see what data is being sent or perform in depth analysis of the phone while it is running to maximize detection.
  • Computer Forensics – We can analyze computers for anything they may have been used for in the past. In particular, we can assist in locating files of interest, prove tampering with the computer system, social media analysis, information exfiltration, hacking attempts, web/chat history, asset location, and many other things.

Data Analyzers understands investigative needs of your case and the outcomes that you seek for your client. We will work with you towards these objectives, while advising you in advance of the investigative options you have for your case and the expectations of results from any work to be performed.

Due to the nature of Private Investigations, Data Analyzers requires a $1,000 minimum retainer prior to performing any work on any of these types of cases.

Our vast knowledge, diverse experience & advanced technologies recover and preserve lost or deleted data required for positive results.

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