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Many individuals, Law firms, Corporations, and Governmental Entities look to our mobile forensic lab to assist with data extraction and preservation from mobile smart phone devices. We have a long history of performing cell phone forensic services and data recovery services. We have an in-depth understanding of the various mobile phone operating system and hardware, with access to the same forensic technologies commonly utilized by Law Enforcement. Our mobile forensic examiners are able to extract key evidence from cellular phones, Smartphones, tablets, PDA’s, GPS units and other mobile devices.

Commonly recoverable data from out procedures include:

  • Live and Deleted Text Messages (SMS)
  • Photo/Multimedia Messages (Multimedia Messaging Service)
  • Pictures and Images
  • Video and Audio Recordings
  • Call History Logs (Received calls, Missed calls, Dialed calls)
  • Phonebook and Contacts
  • Calendar and Task List Entries
  • Emails stored on handset
  • Internet Browsing History
  • Social Networking Artifacts (Facebook, IM, Instagram, Twitter, etc… )
  • GPS Coordinates and Geo data (location specific)
  • Application Artifacts (data from programs installed on Smartphone devices)

Why Forensic analyzer is the right solution for you?

  • We have a sophisticated mobile forensic lab utilizing the most advance technologies available on the market, including equipment routinely used by Law Enforcement.
  • We can often perform a successful retrieval from damaged devices, where our competitors cannot.
  • All activities are kept 100% confidential
  • We are ready to provide deposition and testimony if required

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We are able to forensically process over 8000+ models of cellular phone handsets – capabilities include forensic processing of:

  • Handsets using all carrier technologies including CDMA, GSM, IDEN, TDMA and EDGE
  • Phones from all major wireless service providers including Sprint/Nextel, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless , TracFone, MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Virgin Mobile, VodaPhone and many others.
  • Smartphone and PDA devices running all major operating systems including Apple iPhone, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm, and Symbian.


Advanced Physical Extraction Capabilities

One of our capabilities here at Data Analyzers that distances us from other mobile forensic firms to the ability to perform advanced physical extraction from mobile devices onsite here at our Electronics lab. We regularly perform JTAG and Chip-off on various mobile devices. These procedures allow us to recover data and perform forensic examinations on that devices that would normally be unavailable for analysis. If a device has sustained water damaged, has a broken screen, has been dropped, or otherwise physically destroyed; these techniques often allow us to extract data directly from the device’s internal member and allow us to bypass the need to interact with the operating system. These two methods are distinctly different from each other:

The JTAG method allows our engineers to make a forensic image of a mobile device by connecting external wires to a logic board on a series of specialized points in order to directly extract the information. This procedure is generally considered non-invasive and leaves the phone intact compared to the destructive nature of the Chip-off technique. This is often considered a last resort if no other option exists, since the memory chip must be physically removed from the logic board and then connected to highly specialized equipment to read the memory.

Both of these techniques require a high degree of soldering skill and equipment investment. This combined with the electronic skills and knowledge of leading mobile brands limits the ability to offer these types of services. Data Analyzer’s main laboratory contains all the equipment required to perform these techniques and our engineers possess the advanced knowledge required to competently perform them.

Advanced physical extractions require a free evaluation to determine if these techniques are available for your mobile device. Call us today from a free evaluation!  866-456-3282


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