mobile forensic software, quick review

Although we have been using a large variety of mobile forensic tools and platforms over the year, including Oxygen Forensic, Mobile Edit, Cellebrite, Open Source mobile forensic tool as well as custom developments, we have been pleasantly surprised by Cellebrite’s recent enhancements in support capability of Android based smart phone devices. In my opinion Cellebrite is the most diverse commercially accessible mobile forensic platform. Its large number of supported devices and easy to use interface make it an immediate winner. I can’t say that I would praise Cellebrite in all aspects as their customer service and support has been leaving much to be desired. Having had a problem with an older Blackberry device and having reported the bug, the problem was never addressed and I eventually gave up and stopped following up, as I was always told that the development team in Israel is either on vacation or working on the issue and will get back to me.

So… of course nothing is perfect and besides that incident I have never needed Cellebrite support. The hardware is solid and reliable, which is the most critical aspect. The python scripting engine is also very nice for anyone who has the need to parse content from devices or features that are not yet supported. For non-functional smart phones and devices not supported by Cellebrite and other commercial tools we have developed some custom solutions and capabilities. If you have any smart phone forensic or security related questions, please feel free to call us or send us an email at any time.

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