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The team at Data Analyzers is the proven partner you need to help you win your case. We can assist with every phase of your case, from initial fact finding to being the expert witness in the courtroom at the time of trial. Our certified experts are trial tested in both Federal and State courts, routinely working with attorneys in complex cases. They regularly participate in these essential services during the litigation cycle:

  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Full Scale Digital Forensic Investigations
  • Sworn Affidavits and Report Generation
  • Digital Evidence Preservation
  • E-Discovery Collection and Processing
  • Case Consultations and Evaluation
  • Report Cross Examinations

Located in Central Florida, Data Analyzers is able to provide computer forensics, mobile forensics, expert witness services, E-Discovery, digital investigations, and data recovery services to our clients in Florida and throughout the nation. Call us today for a free consultation!  866-456-3282


Neutral and Third Party Services

Our flexibility and experience in technical matters allows us to provide guidance in the matters of Digital Forensics, to allow you to focus on your case. Due to the many complexities modern technology presents, often one of the sides involved in litigation will not have prior experience in dealing with certain types of digital evidence in the courtroom. Data Analyzers often acts a court appointed or stipulated neutral third party expert in these situations. This allows us to provide independent fact finding for digital evidence that can be provided equally to both sides.

Additionally, digital devices often contain a wealth of personal and business information that is extraneous to the litigation at hand. Data Analyzers will help you guard the confidentiality of your clients while still producing the necessary information that is directly relevant to your litigation. Whether this is protecting personal communications of the deceased in a car accident or only ensuring responsive documents are produced discovery, you can trust Data Analyzers to perform the necessary due diligence on your behalf.

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