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Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Forensic Services

Data Analyzers provides a number of specialized services to Law Enforcement to supplement their existing capabilities and to serve as an independent experts when the situation requires it. Most Law Enforcement agencies are equipped to handle the more routine tasks in digital forensics such as hard drive imaging, mobile device analysis, personal computer investigations, and internet investigation. Specialized circumstances or more complex technical situations sometimes require the aid of outside experts, who have the tools and knowledge to handle those difficult cases. Let Data Analyzers be your partner in these instances!

We are regularly utilized Law Enforcement and other governmental agencies in the following situations:

– Advanced mobile device extractions (JTAG and Chip-offs)

– Recovery of damaged hard drives and Flash based storage.

– Civilian appropriate overflow work.

– Consulting on enterprise environments and technologies.

-Circumstances requiring an independent digital forensics expert.

As a member of the High Tech Crimes Investigation Association, we are routinely partner with Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement for their digital investigative needs. Information sharing within this organization and others Law Enforcement related groups Data Analyzers is associated with allows us to stay up to date on the latest forensic techniques while also providing assistance to digital investigators who are facing various technical challenges.

Data Analyzer’s extensive background in data recovery and corporate IT, leading experience in digital forensics, and our involvement in public/private partnerships gives you the confidence that we will provide your organization with the credibility you need in the courtroom.

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