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Insurance Companies Forensic Services

Insurance Company Forensic Services

Many of the civil cases that Data Analyzers participates in are funded by insurance carriers and these are often some of the most contentious in the courtroom. Due to this, these cases require a high level of service for our clients and often have an extensive amount of forensic work associated with them. These demands however needs to be balanced with a cost effective approach for our clients, in order to ensure costs stay under control for the lifespan of the case.

We have experience with a number of specialized cases that are uniquely associated with insurance industry, including:

  • Vehicular Injuries and Fatalities: Injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents are life changing events and frequently require significant monetary sums to treat the injured. Determining who was at fault in an accident is one of the pivotal points in any such case. The use of digital forensics on mobile devices allows us to determine if a driver was using a phone, sending a text message, or otherwise engaging in some negligent behavior that lead to the accident.
  • Sometimes these digital traces may the only evidence available to an attorney in the event of serious injury or a fatality. In the event a mobile device has been damaged and appears to no longer be accessible, there is still the potential of recovering data through the use of physical extraction techniques that we utilize at Data Analyzers.
  • Claims Fraud: Individuals attempt to defraud their insurance carrier through exaggerated or factually incorrect claims. These situations can involve only a few pictures that can be proven to have been taken after the date of the claim to complex cases involving multiple computer systems where fraudsters systematically tamper with evidence.
  • Bankruptcy: In bankruptcy proceedings, individuals can attempt to conceal assets or tamper with their electronic documents. Using digital forensics in these cases can assist in locating potential assets, detection of potential tampering, and identify patterns that are indicative of concealing income or other monetary falsification.
  • Worker’s Compensation: Many cases arise from claims of workers that have been falsified or unrealistic. While in many of these cases the initial incident that started the claim is valid, the extent of the injury or the damages arising from it may be unduly excessive.
  • Social media investigations and examination of personal correspondence can reveal what is actually occurring in a claimee’s life compared to what is being presented in the courtroom. The use of digital forensics in these situations allows the truth to be revealed, often from information that originates from the claimee.

Data Analyzers understands the balance that is required when delivering a high level of quality for our clients while also staying within the approved budgets for expenditures. We look forward to providing the results you need to limit your liability and vigorously pursue judgments when your clients are adversely impacted by others.

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