Incident Response

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation

Our Forensic investigators are equipped to assist in combating simple and complex intrusions and intrusion attempts. We assist Corporations with Incident response and can function as consultants when breaches occur to networks and systems.

From stopping any live attacks, collecting of evidence, tracing back intrusion attempts and preparation for litigation or criminal prosecution. We can assist your organization with the required skills and experience. To ensure that proper chain of custody is being utilized and proper procedures followed.

Our seasoned professionals are well-versed and skillful at developing evidential forensic reports or when required testifying as an expert witness before civil or criminal courts.

Why choose us for your forensic investigative needs?

Most of our clients utilize our services because of our unique ability to blend complex cyber expertise, investigative know how, and cutting edge legal strategies to identify suspects, gather hard to find evidence and bring them to justice, or to refute frivolous lawsuits.

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Our capabilities and experience include:

  • Certified Computer Forensic Examiner
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Security+ Certified
  • Certified Computer Forensic Examiner
  • Various other industry, Operating System and Network certifications
  • Experience with all common Operating Systems
  • Experience with Network Forensics and IP Tracing
  • Experienced in Malware Analysis
Data Analyzers Digital Forensic Experts