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HR Forensic Services

HR Forensic Services

Many of incidents that occur within the workplace involve the use of digital assets or occur through electronic communication channels. These incidents are multifaceted and require finesse during the investigation, in order to protect employee privacy while ensuring all the facts are located. Since many of these investigations require a degree of sensitivity, use of discrete investigative methods and a reliance on digital forensics is extremely commonplace.

The information collected from a digital forensics investigation is unbiased and is a past record of things that have occurred, allowing you to base your decisions on a more solid framework than statements collected from employees and other third parties. This vital information however requires understanding the full context of events involving the use of electronic systems. Just because a chat log can be found between two employees that has incriminating statements, it doesn’t mean either of those employees were at their respective system when the chat took place.

In businesses, there is a large amount of overlap between Corporate and Human Resource investigations. Here at Data Analyzers we have experience assisting in the following types of cases common to Human Resources:

  • Acceptable Use
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Departing Employee Investigations
  • Theft and Fraud
  • Workplace Threats
  • Employee Allegations

In a matters of especial sensitivity like Human Resource investigations, you need to ensure you are basing your decisions on the correct interpretation of data that has been handled in a legally admissible manner. Corporate IT personnel may be technology savvy and able to assist with the investigation, but they do not have the full range of knowledge required to put information discovered in the correct prospective. Additionally, IT staff may perform a data collection that is not forensically sound, spoiling valuable metadata and creating the possibility of that data not being admissible in legal proceedings.

Have Data Analyzers be your trusted partner for HR Investigations when confronted with issues involving technology and computer systems. Data Analyzers can serve as your independent expert, resolving conflict through fact-finding and critical analysis to allow you to reach the truth of the matter.

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