E-Discovery Services

The Discovery phase is one of the most crucial parts of the litigation process, responsible for producing the information that both parties will rely on to make their decisions and arguments for the rest of the case. E-Discovery deals with the electronic aspects of the discovery process, from preservation of data through the use of litigation holds until the delivery of the final production to the other party through electronic means.

At Data Analyzers, we use our technical expertise we have acquired from years of practicing data recovery and digital forensics to help our clients navigate the challenges of modern discovery practices. Our mastery of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) allows to us deal with all types data, regardless of the format or the device it’s stored on.

The Data Analyzers Difference

Typically E-Discovery is often thought of being only the realm of larger scale, multi-million dollar cases. But this is not the case due to the challenges of modern technology and the accessibility of information through the use of the internet. Nearly every litigation involves electronic information in some form; whether its business records, emails on a corporate server, photos on a mobile device, or documents stored in the cloud.

Our firm specializes in small and medium sized E-Discovery cases. Unlike larger providers that offer inclusive pricing for unnecessary services or extensive features, we focus on the exact needs of our clients and the demands of the case. By using cost effective and predictable hourly pricing, we can customize a plan to meet your E-Discovery needs while staying with your budget.

We offer a range of services from collection to production during the E-Discovery life cycle in accordance with the EDRM model:

Whether you need to simply establish the scope of a matter or if you are looking for a full service E-Discovery firm, Data Analyzers is here to help you with your project. We specialize in assisting attorneys and corporations in determining how to handle E-Discovery matters in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

We offer no risk consultations to see how Data Analyzers can help your E-Discovery needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our trained E-Discovery professionals.

Using our experience as a national provider of data recovery services and as a leading provider of Digital Forensic services in Florida, we help conquer technical and logistical hurdles that stymie other firms. Data Analyzer’s certified staff can perform forensically sound collections on a variety of devices and platforms including:

  • Windows Computers and Tablets
  • Macintosh OSX Devices
  • Linux Computers and Servers
  • Iphones, iPad, and iOS Devices
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Exchange and Sharepoint Servers
  • Cloud Services and Webmail

We seek to gather only the information relevant to the scope of the discovery while still ensuring all best efforts are made at locating potentially responsive data. By working with data custodians and other parties, we are able to identify sources of ESI both onsite and across the corporate infrastructure. Data Analyzers then uses a combination of industry standard tools and intelligent collection practices to minimize the amount of unresponsive data collected. Using this approach, we are offer these collection services:

  • Full Scale Collections
  • Targeted Collections
  • Mobile preservation
  • Custodian Interviews
  • Remote and Cloud collection.
  • Complying with litigation hold requests.

Arguably one of the most important phases of the EDRM model, the Processing phase involves taking all the data that has been collected and performing a series of procedures in order to reduce the data set to only the potentially responsive documents. Using industry leading tools, we are able to utilize the following techniques during the processing phase:

  • Deduplication
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Keyword Searching and Indexing
  • Metadata Extraction
  • DeNISTing
  • Data Culling based on file types, dates, and metadata.
  • Keyword Search Reports

Using these techniques, Data Analyzers is able to remove unresponsive data and minimize the amount of content that needs to be reviewed, while still providing a defensible process.

Data Analyzers is fully capable of delivering the data to the opposing side in the format they have requested and assisting you in determine what formats meet your production needs. We routinely export E-Discovery matters to common platforms such as Concordance, Relativity, and Summation. We also offer these common production options for your case:

  • Native File Production
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Bates Numbering
  • TIFF Productions
  • PST Creation
  • Creation of Load Files with industry standard formats.

Located in Central Florida, Data Analyzers is able to provide computer forensics, mobile forensics, expert witness services, E-Discovery, digital investigations, and data recovery services to our clients in Florida and throughout the nation. Call us today for a free consultation!  866-456-3282

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