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Criminal Defense Digital Computer Forensics

Our computer forensic experts have assisted on both sides of prosecution and sides of the defense. We can analysis forensic reports written by the opposing party, to ensure proper procedures have been required. Often time forensic reports are done by unqualified and inexperienced staff, which may lead to errors. We want to ensure that everyone has a fair trial and therefore we provide our services as expert unbiased to either side.

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While we do provide our service for the defense we do not assist in child pornography cases and we maintain our write to decline a case if we do not feel that we will be able to provide any value.

Our capabilities and experience include:


  • Trial preparation
  • Report writing
  • Report Analysis
  • Expert Testimony
  • Litigation Consulting

Digital Forensics Experts

Why choose Data Analyzers as your forensics team?


  • Secure and confidential
  • Quick service
  • Certified Expert Techs
  • Compliance accredited
  • Hacker tested
  • Insightful design
  • Budget conscious

Our vast knowledge, diverse experience & advanced technologies recover and preserve lost or deleted data required for positive results.

Data Analyzers Digital Forensic Experts